What is a Student Management System?

A Student Management System (SMS) is a software application used by educational organisations to manage student data. These systems vary in size, scope and capability and support the maintenance of student information including personal details, enrolments, payments, trainers, venues, attendance, and reports.

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for the integration of the SMS with other systems, especially learning management systems (LMS). Without this connection the need for duplicate entries and parallel processes results in a waste of time and resources. There is also an increased risk of inaccurate data entry.

Integrations between applications have tended to be complex and expensive as they have required custom programming.

What is the SMSConnector?

SMSConnector is a middle-ware component that allows automated workflows between the SMS and the LMS, making it possible for educational organisations to more efficiently integrate and manage their administrative and learning systems.

SMSConnector integrates with numerous systems including:

How does SMSConnector work?

SMSConnector acts as a web-based application that maps and transfers student profile information, course information, enrolments and grades between the SMS and the LMS.


Each customer has their own SMSConnector account where they can create and control the connection between their SMS and LMS. The SMSConnector is set up to automatically integrate the following information between systems:

Administrators of SMSConnector can override the automatic sychronisation settings and run manual synchronisation of any its components.

Key benefits of SMSConnector

Who would benefit from using the SMSConnector?

Registered Training Organisations that must maintain compliance with the VET Quality Framework throughout their registration and must provide the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) with a range of accurate and complete data about their business and operations.

Registered Training Organisations using either VETtrak, JobReady, PowerPro or Paradigm as their student management system and either Moodle LMS or Totara LMS as their learning management system.